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 The Story of Our Bakery in Birchington

About Us

 Our bakery in Birchington is about creating delicious baked goods, bread, pastries, sausage rolls, cakes, traybakes or    cookies. We always have lactose-free, vegan and vegetarian options, so come and give us a try today. Our team are all proud members of the local community and share a love of baking and are especially proud to bake all our own products on site. 

Circa 1970 Bread Strike


Meet The Team


Peter Fuller

“On returning to Birchington 5 years ago I was saddened to see the Village Bakery shut its doors and cease trading in August 2019. Shortly after this I learnt that Andy, their resident baker for over 10 years and a member of a close family friend, had lost his job. Coupled with this I also learnt that a member of the same family, Megan, was selling vegan and vegetarian cakes and tarts. I was inspired to approach him with the idea of  joining me in reopening the old village bakery…”


Andy Foster

Our head baker Andy, is delighted to be able to share his love of homemade bread with you. He has a decade of experience at the village bakery and began baking at the age of 18 as an apprentice in Ramsgate. He is extremely proud to be the only baker in Birchington to make his own bread, which is always baked freshly and on site.








Why Choose Us?

Locally Owned

We are a newly  formed company dedicated to one thing only, sharing great food with our community. That’s why all of our ingredients are sourced from the highest quality available and all of our delicious treats are freshly made at our bakery in Birchington.

The Freshest You Can Get

We are the only bakery in Birchington to serve homemade fresh bread. Why settle for anything less?

Something for Everyone

We think it’s only fair that everybody should get to enjoy tucking into baked goods and treats, that never compromise on flavour. That’s why our delicious offerings are vegan, vegetarian and lactose-free. From our sausage rolls to cakes, traybakes, pastries, bread and cookies, we are sure you will find something to enjoy.





 Why not pop into our bakery in Birchington today and sample some of the delicious treats we have on offer.    We love meeting new people in the local area and sharing our love of delicious food.